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The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative Law - the New Paradigm

Collaborative Law is a process that seeks to assist the parties in resolving their cases through interest-based negotiation rather than position-based negotiation without the trauma or expense of “going to court.” The process involves attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals working with the clients in face-to-face meetings.  These meetings explore the parties’ interests, goals and options with a civilized approach designed to reach a “win-win” resolution for the parties. 
The Collaborative Law process is an excellent tool for resolving divorce and family law cases, as well as civil cases including guardianship and probate.  New Paradigm Collaborative Law Training events are designed for those new to the collaborative process as well as experienced collaborative professionals. 



Comments from Our Training Attendees

A paralegal from one of our recent trainings said this about the New Paradigm training: “Jamie (Taylor) is 100% correct on how wonderful a seminar it is! Seriously, if you want to give your Collaborative practice a boost, send your paralegals and legal assistants to this seminar! I and another legal assistant I know attended it last year, and let me just say that Camille, David, MaryAnn, and Steve do a wonderful job educating paralegals not only on ‘What is Collaborative Law?’ (and trust me, there is a lot out there that we still do not know), but also on ‘How can I contribute?’ and ‘How can I sell it?’ among other things.’” - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

“It is worth it!! J” Melissa Winton, Paralegal for Donald E. Teller, Jr. The Law Office of Donald E. Teller, Jr. Grapevine, Texas- a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

"Thank you again for the informative training session last Thursday! I especially enjoyed the demonstrations of the team call and meeting, since I'm not in on those. You all are dynamic speakers. Wonderful program coupled with great food made for a day well spent!" - Cindy S.

"Great. It was very helpful. Entertaining and learned a lot.” - Briana H.

“This was a very informative seminar. Well-presented. I think you should continue your presentation throughout the state.” - Kay K.

“Great and informative, especially for those of us who have not initially been ‘in the loop.’ Definitely take this on the road.” - Jean R.

“You all are a great team and balance each other well! I learned so much and am re-energized about collaborative.” No name on comment. - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

“Awesome! Learned a lot. Ready to take my first collaborative law case.” - Debbie L.

“Learned so much more than I expected. You need to spread the word and train all over the state. Liked the skits!” - Chris W.

“Thank you so much. I have found my new profession.” - Bryan B.

GOOD STUFF!  The collaborative law procedure checklist is great!  I needed something to put all the basic steps out there to keep me going.  That being said, good to know, as a paralegal, that it's not the same working through TRCP steps.  It's a process that is still changing. - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee
Wonderful presentation, lots of fun and wonderful information.  Very informative and loved the interaction.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. -Amy Fleeman

I thought this was amazing!  Your excitement and passion really shows.  I can't wait to tell Melinda how much I enjoyed this. - Erika K.

In all honesty- I knew I needed the class…but I was excited about it.  The class not only helped clarify a lot of my confusion, but has encouraged me to want to try and "get below the surface."  Thank you for a great job. - Lisa

He[Dave Bouschor] is very knowledgeable and he truly embodies the paradigm shift.  He is a skilled litigator(and a cynic) but can bring the collaborative law materials and information to the group in a way that makes you believe we can all do this and how it will be beneficial to our clients.  Plus, the "Mutt and Jeff" show w/ Camille works and is entertaining. - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee
I really learned a lot, but wish we could have gone through the whole agenda. - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

I found her[MaryAnn Kildebeck] presentations and discussions were very helpful and interesting.  She seems like a professional I would want to continue a relationship with because she is a collaborative lave guru!! - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

I learned a lot by watching the group demonstrations and role play.  I wish we had more time to get through the whole agenda.  It was interesting to learn more about how all the roles of each player is integral to the process.  MaryAnn is excellent at training. - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

Found her[Camille Milner] to be energizing and giving great "real world" advice.  She also gave me hope as a role model that you can really make your practice and business in collaborative law successful!!  Plus the "Mutt and Jeff" show with Dave was entertaining! - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

I think she[Camille Milner] is great at modeling how we are to act during the meetings and to learn a different way to handle an issue that came up.  I also like how she showed everyone the benefits of joining the groups and the websites. - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

I wish Steve[Walker] gave more details or examples of what he is doing with the clients offline and examples of the tools he uses to work with clients.  However, he gave great information and I believe he would be a GREAT asset on a team because of his knowledge and seems clients would trust him! - a recent New Paradigm Collaborative Training attendee

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