New Paradigm Training

offers professional interdisciplinary training for Collaborative Professionals and their staff.


Resources for the Collaborative Legal Professional

also see: Resources for the Collaborative Mental Health Professional | Resources for the Collaborative Financial Professional

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Suggested Reading

  • Divorce Without Disaster, by Janet Brumley, a book about Collaborative Law
  • Getting to Yes, by Fisher and Ury, a book about effective negotiation
  • The Custody Revolution: The Motherhood Myth and the Father Factor, by Richard Warshak, a book about creative ways to structure parenting plans that benefit children
  • The Good Divorce , by Constance Ahrons, a book about how to eventually turn a very sad event into a new and positive relationship

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New Paradigm Training is based in Denton, Texas and provides Collaborative Law training events throughout the United States and Canada for attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals and their staff.