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MaryAnn Kildebeck, LCSW MaryAnn Kildebeck, LCSW

Mental Health Professionals and the Collaborative Law Team

The Mental Health Professional (MHP), alternatively referred to as the Communications Coach (CC), acts as a neutral in a collaborative case. The CC works toward making the meeting safe for each client to discuss issues in a calm environment. The CC can be the one to control the environment and help to keep the conversations assertive rather than aggressive.

MaryAnn Kildebeck, LCSW

Collaborative Law Trainer

Mrs. Kildebeck is a masters-level psychotherapist in private practice in Texas. Her extensive experience as a therapist includes over 1,000 mental health assessments in hospital emergency rooms, and many years of counseling couples, families and individuals in her private practice.  She has helped high-conflict couples reach settlement agreement as a Parent Facilitator, has completed over 100 social studies for the courts and has provided frequent expert court testimony.

She has taught at the pre-kindergarten, high school, and community college levels, and has taught anger management classes for those who have been court-ordered to attend as well as for individuals voluntarily seeking to change their behaviors.  She has raised two children, experienced divorce and, with her current husband, has developed a blended family of 5 children. These experiences and her psychotherapy experience with the courts have provided a particularly good backdrop to pursuing her current career focus on Collaborative Law and Parent Facilitation.

Mrs. Kildebeck’s Collaborative Law training has been in the Texas Model where the attorneys usually engage neutral professionals as part of the team working with their clients.  She has been through extensive  training, led by Janet Brumley, Norma Trusch, Deborah Miller, Donald Royal, Camille Milner, David Bouschor, Linda Solomon, Scott Clarke, Chip Rose, and Bill Eddy.    She has attended additional one-day seminars included speakers such as Patrick Savage, Bob Matlock and Sherrie Abney.  She has been a presenter at a Texas Collaborative Law Council training event.  Additionally, she participated in a mentoring group led by Linda Solomon for several months.

Mrs. Kildebeck currently is the Vice President of Denton County Collaborative Professionals, and the Co-Secretary of the Texas Collaborative Law Council.  She is a member of the Denton County Collaborative Professionals practice group, the Collaborative Solutions practice group and is a part of the Collin County Team Thursday as an allied professional.  She is a member of Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, the National Association of Social Workers, and the Texas Family Law Foundation.

Mrs. Kildebeck is a strong advocate for the Collaborative process and recognizes the benefits of resolving conflict through collaboration whenever possible.  She has participated as the Communications Coach in more than 30 collaborative cases involving over 30 individual attorneys and 4 different Financial Professionals. 

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